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hey watchers!

1. just finished working on a show with a local community theater group. we did The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. it was soo good! if i can find a way to get away with it, i will totally be posting the vides taken of "Woe Is Me" and "The 'I Love You' Song". they were so good! the girl who played Logainne was so good! she was so much more talented a singer than the original actress (no offense to you, Sarah Saltzberg!). she sang (as apposed to 'yelled') "Woe Is Me" and it was so good! ahh!

2. for Spelling Bee, i worked on lights for the first time. i was the spot light operator! it was fun! i got to see the whole show everyday for like, 2 weeks! it was great! and i apparently i was a good spotter, too!

3. the other day before one of the performances started, a few of the other tech crew kids and i were hanging out by the sound booth. a few of the actors came up to get their mics on and they started talking about the show (it's a musical actually, but i've taken to calling any sort of tv or stage production a show recently) Spring Awakening and we (the tech crew kids and i) felt kinda out-of-the-loop. so, naturally, i searched for a synopsis of the show on my phone and then made a note to look for the book that was published for it (with the script and stuff). so, i online, through my library i requested a copy, so some time this or next week (i hope so anyway!), my library will email me to say that they got the book in! i'm so excited! i like being in the loop with things that have to do with theater! especially shows that are really unique like Spring Awakening is. i'm also considering reading the book (by the same title) that was translated from german that the show is based on. i probably will as long as the language isn't way too out-there (like, the english version of La Boheme was so hard to read because the language was soooo flowery! like, they'd take three pages to describe something that could be described in a few paragraphs.). either way, i'm excited to read it! ^^

4. 'glee: the music - complete season two soundtrack' is still totally cloaked in mystery! i can't find any information about its release date *anywhere*! i check every week or so and so far, nothing! ugh! so annoying! i got the season 1 soundtrack for my birthday last year, and am hoping to do that again this year! if only fox and/or Ryan Murphy would freaking tell us when the album is coming out! that's all i want to know! it doesn't need to actually be released now! it can be released in september like the season 1 sountrack was! i just want to have a date to put on my calendar! is that really too much to ask!?? ugh!

5. season 2 of glee ended last month, and i've been thinking about what i want to happen in season 3. personally, i just hope that quinn gets nicer, and that they decide to end the series with this coming season (and maybe bring in some kiddies for the *implied( next generation). my season 3 hopes aren't very elaborate or specific! i only have these few small requests! *prays to glee gods*

so, what are your hopes for glee season 3?

6. working for an urban renewal organization this summer. not going to make much money (at all!), but it should be fun, so that's good. i can worry about making real money in the fall and winter. i have to start saving up for grad school if i want to be able to pay even *half* of the fees for the school i want to go to!

7. super excited for HP 7 P2! not going to the midnight premier, but i'm still excited! :)

8. the bill passed in NY! wooo! congrats new yorkers! *hugs!* ^^
does anyone else think its odd that this law was *just* passed? seeing as the population of NYC is one of the most diverse in the entire world, you'd think they'd've been one of the first states to pass the law. them and CA. but CA's laws are strange, so...  haha. either way, i'm very happy that NY has finally joined the 'love is love and LEGAL!' club! congrats again, NY! *handshake* :)

9. anything new with you guys??

peace. love. fandoms.

~ Jessisaur

[see 'listening to' below: the song "Another One Bites the Dust" is originally by the band Queen, but the version i happen to be listening to is a cover of that song by the cast of the Fox tv show glee, featuring Jonathan Groff. (i'm big on giving credit where credit is due).]
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you will forget - i guarantee it
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